Physical Therapy Center in Paramus, New Jersey

F.I.T. PhysioTherapy is a multidisciplinary facility that has specialized in evaluation and treatment of muscle, bone, joint, and neurological pathology since 2003. Based Paramus, New Jersey, our physical therapy center offers a variety of treatments to effectively address a wide range of health conditions.

We chose our name in order to exemplify the nature of our practice and treatment approach. F.I.T. PhysioTherapy stands for First in Innovative Treatment, because we employ unique methods not found in other facilities.

We Have Experienced Clinicians
Eric Brummer studied exercise physiology at Kean College and worked in the fitness industry as a fitness director and ACE certified personal trainer before changing careers. He graduated valedictorian of the Kean/UMDNJ physical therapy program class of 1995. Eric is an innovative thinker and applied this talent toward. working out new methods of treating patients with spinal disc injuries. In 2001, he was granted a patent from the US patent and trademark office for a new device for treating herniated and bulging discs. Eric also has devised a comprehensive program (Scolio-Therapy) for treating children with idiopathic scoliosis. His techniques show excellent promise for slowing the progression, arresting, or reversing spinal curves. In 2002, Eric became a certified hand therapist. Certified hand therapists are experts in treating the hand and upper extremity including but not limited to: carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and shoulder injuries. In 2003, he opened his own practice.

Eric Brummer, Physical Therapy Center in Paramus, NJ

Physical Therapy at F.I.T PhysioTherapy
F.I.T. PhysioTherapy provides the most thorough, personalized, sophisticated physical therapy anywhere. Our care is directed by an experienced therapist who is way ahead of the field. Patients are treated with the latest techniques, often developed by our director, using state of the art equipment. Personalized attention is given to each patient and their specific needs. When necessary, skilled professionals from other disciplines are consulted to deliver the finest care available.

You Will Receive Personal Attention
We pride ourselves on providing thorough, compassionate, individualized care for each of our patients. Unlike some physical therapy clinics, we do not use cookie-cutter protocols. We are well aware that each patient is an individual and is best served by personalized one-on-one attention. At F. I. T. PhysioTherapy, your case will be managed by one of our experienced clinicians. Patients will not show up at our facility not knowing who will provide treatment for them that day.
Chiropractic at F.I.T. PhysioTherapy
F.I.T. PhysioTherpy shares office space in our Cliffside Park office with Bergen Chiropractic. Bergen Chiropractic is owned and operated by Dr. Gregory Doerr, DC. Dr. Doerr is a dynamic individual and unquestionably one of the best in his field. His long list of accomplishments include: Board Certified Sports Physician, Graston instructor and collaborator on the development of Graston III techniques, certified Active Release Technique practitioner, certified Kenisio Tape practitioner. He also has extensive experience working with professional athletes and teaches on various topics throughout the USA as well as other countries. Greg Doerr and Eric Brummer have known and worked cooperatively together for over 10 years. They also happen to be best friends.

First in Innovative Treatment
F. I. T. PhysioTherapy are outpatient orthopedic specialist for all of your orthopedic needs:

 • Spinal Decompression/Anti-gravity Technology
 • Pneu Weight
 • Physical Therapy
 • Hand Therapy
 • Prosthetics and
 • Massage Therapy
 • Scolio-Therapy
 • Dynamic Realignment
• Graston Technique
• Cold Laser Therapy
• Hydro-Stim Therapy
• Unweighting Systems
• Advanced Taping
• Advanced Traction
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Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.